Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Contest Community College 2010

The Big Guns over at Contest University have announced the opening of registration for the 2010 session of Contest University, to again be held in conjunction with (but not affiliated with) the Dayton Hamvention.

Most of us LIDS never make it to Dayton and if we did, we'd be too intimidated to enroll in something as prestigious sounding as Contest University. So if you're like us, but still think education is the path to Big Gunnery, don't forget the LIDS own Contest Community College. It's a correspondence course, so you can save your money, and we grade on a curve (if your check clears, you pass).

Below are some of the topics for the 2010 session of the LIDS Contest Community College. Compare our curriculum to the Contest University one and see if ours doesn't meet more of your needs. Registration is open now.

CCC 2010 Topics:
Radio Contesting Relaxed Ethics - Bigger scores, less work, mo' fun
Logging - Accuracy = How to Up Your Rate
Ergonomics and Station Efficiency - How to make room for your keyboard and your beer
Very Basic Antenna Applications - The PL-259 goes where?
Where to put your antennas -NOT where your XYL suggested
VHF Contesting - Yes, Virginia, there's something besides repeaters up there
DX Clusters and Contesting - how to hide your IP address from K1TTT
RTTY Contesting - F-keying your way to victory (some material may duplicate CW Contesting)
Mobile Contesting - As if cell phones weren't distracting enough
CQWW and ARRL DX Contests - Four events you'll never win
Advanced Antenna Applications - Fitting a Big Bertha into a suburban backyard
Sprint Contesting - a whole weekend of insanity compressed into a few hours
Advanced Sprint Contesting - caffeine is you friend
QSO Parties - just because it's a "party" it doesn't mean you break out the hors d'oeuvres
DXpedition Contesting - DX you'll never work from places you'll never be able to afford to go to
Propagation - No, we STILL ain't got no sunspots
WPX Contest - M/S means what now?
CW Skimmer - I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that .
Big Gun Station Economics - Ponzi schemes for beginners


  1. This is great! There should also be a course on how to overzealously load amplifiers. It seems only the Italians have it down hihi

  2. In the fine tradition of the Boring Amateur Radio Club, I will sponsor the SQWALID award for anyone who has Seven QSOs With A LID. The winner will receive 99 cents toward psychological help, since the only reason for having SQWALID is trying to reform a LID of his errant ways, which meets the working definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

  3. Does SQWALID require seven Qs with the SAME LID or can it be seven different LIDs? And I assume those are Qs with A LID and not one of the LIDS?

  4. In the fine tradition of disregarding both fiscal and moral responsibilities, I will NOT sponsor an award for anyone who AVOIDS having seven QSOs with a LID, which might avert the time bomb of spiraling ham counseling expenses sure to blow up our incipient national health care plan. BTW, an alternate definition of insanity is making over 1000 different radio contest Qs with stations in over 100 different countries and expecting the same signal report.