Thursday, February 4, 2010

ARRL Elects First Female President, OOOT Is Apoplectic

At its 2010 Annual Meeting, the ARRL Board of Directors elected Kay Craigie, N3KN, as the League's 15th President to succeed Joel Harrison, W5ZN, whose chose not to seek re-election. Craigie is the first woman to hold the position of President of the ARRL.

Old, old, old timer Woodrow Fusseloot, 1OT, was apoplectic upon hearing the news that a woman had been elected to lead the ARRL. "Carn-sahrnit! What was they thinking electing a woman? Why, they can't even vote, can they? Old Hiram is probably spinning in his grave," said Fusseloot. 1OT , who is 98 years young, was licensed prior to the requirement for prefixes and has consistently refused to use one despite later regulations. He also refuses to give up his spark generator transmitter but continues to fiddle with his 'new-fangled' regen receiver.

Elsewhere, reaction to Craigie's election has been considerably warmer. Heads of national amateur radio societies around the world have sent notes of congratulations and well wishes to Craigie. She has even received a message from the head of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Radio Society (DPRKRS) who said, "We congratulate the imperialist running dog N3KN ascendancy to the throne of the ARRL. The DPRKRS is willing to accept declarations of surrender from the ARRL at our convenience."

League insiders say that Craigie has her work cut out for her in cleaning up the mess created by outgoing president W5ZN. "His office is a total disaster zone. There are coffee cups everywhere, stacks of paper. And there's a stain on the chair that I have no idea what it is or how it got there," said an HQ staffer who did not wish to be named.

Craigie, who is originally from Pennsylvania, now lives in Blacksburg, VA, home to the University of Virginia, also known as the Mountaineers. She is married to Carter Craigie, N3AO, who will assume duties as the ARRL's First Lady to President Craigie.


  1. The ARRL president is an unpaid position and the president does not have an office at ARRL HQ.

    Blacksburg is the home of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, not the University of Virginia.

    If you want to stir things up you should mention that the ARRL did not, in their official announcement/news story, mention Craigie's education/professional experience. As a matter of fact, she holds a PhD in something or other. You can find that info elsewhere on the web site, in her bio.

    Their announcement also did not mention that she's their first female president.

    Maybe you should stick to DXing and contesting. Keep up the good work in those areas!

  2. You expected to find factual information in a Fi-Ni Report?

  3. We abhor factual information in a Fi-Ni Report. Now if you really want to stir things up, you should investigate the institution of higher learning that awards a PhD in Something or Other. Sounds positively quantum, you know, all paradoxical and everything. We're here because we're NOT here, that sort of thing. Brings to mind a dissertation we could really sink our teeth into -- Deconstructing CERTS: Candy Mint or Breath Mint?

  4. Men should operate on their own band and women should operate on their own (most logically in the CB radio band, where they can clean that frequency up or work it)

    As I do have to wonder how many Playboy Playmates use it in their travels across the country ? Course, that might rev up sales for the magazine.