Monday, March 1, 2010

15m Band Reappears After Long Absence

The 15 Meter Band recently reappeared after an unexplained absence of more than three years.

The 15 Meter Band, a workhorse for contesters and DX'ers worldwide, has been missing for over three years but recently made an unexpected, but long overdue, reappearance during the recent ARRL DX CW contest. No explanation of the long absence was offered by the band. When approached for a comment, the sometimes cantankerous band responded with "Wha'sit to ya? Bugger off."

The band, which performed brilliantly at its peak, was often undependable and erratic in the years before it's disappearance. It was known for periodic, unexplained absences, at time failing to show up for weekend contests with no explanation or apologies offered.

The recent three plus year absence has been attributed by supporters to certain solar conditions. However the band has been hounded with allegations of substance abuse for years. It was rumored that the 15 Meter Band has shared time in rehab with such celebrities as Charlie Sheen and Brittney Spears, with whom it was rumored to have been romantically linked.

Representatives for the band claim it is in good health and will only continue to improve with each contest and will soon be demonstrating the performance that made it a superstar at its peak.

The 15 Meter Band's cousin, the 10 Meter Band, is still missing in action with the exception of some small, weak flurries of activities.

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  1. These bands are all alike. One day, they mutter something about going out for a "loaf of bread" and then never come back. One hears of sightings at bus station lunch counters, of lost amateur bands aimlessly stirring their coffee dregs, peering into their month-old racing forms. It is said that the original 11 meter band (contemporaneous with the original Coasters) sells hubcaps from a sandblasted supermarket carriage just before the Needles CA agricultural checkpoint. "Hey Cap'N" it calls to passing motorists, a ghostly figure shocking to anyone who remembers when 11 meters was a proud option on the Heathkit VF-1. One can't help but wonder what Tenderloin flophouse will 40 meters someday call home, what rusted shell of a Bronco on blocks on some minor Florida Key will serve as the last shack for 160. It is it not a tale sung by Tom Waits, full of QRMary and signifying good luck in the contest?