Monday, April 12, 2010

Dayton Fashion

We're only about a month away from the Dayton Hamvention, so time to start planning in earnest. In particular, the fashion scene is an important component of the Dayton experience. Big guns, little guns alike, the look at Dayton is as important as it is during Fashion Week in NYC. The top photo shows one of the vendors at a recent hamfest hawking the latest in haute couture for public service activities. Yellow safety vests never go out of style in the ham radioverse, just ask around on your favorite repeater.

The LIDS can't compete with the yellow safety vest, but over at the Fi-Ni Report's home for official merchandise, we do have a new shirt in yellow certain to get you the attention you crave, and an apt description of most of the official LIDS. See the second picture above.

We still have official Lost Island DX Society logo shirts and the beeutiful Dr. DX shirts. Order yours now so you'll have them in time for Dayton.


  1. Where do you get those pants that I see at the hamfests that show extra buttcrack? They seem to be really popular.

  2. They used to be available exclusively through the plumber's and carpenter's union supply catalog. However these days, knockoffs can be readily created by simply going to your favorite mall and insisting on buying the same size pants you wore in high school. The effect is the same as paying primo dollar for the 'real' plumber's pants.

    There is a cure for extraneous buttus crackus. These folks have a solution:
    Cousin QRM wears these to prevent loose washers and nuts from sliding down inside the back of his pants while hanging from his tower installing the 3EL 80m beam. It also keeps the bees out.

  3. Did you rip off my comment about having a "radio face and a CW voice"? I should have trademarked it...could have made millions. :-)

    Bob K0NR