Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pirate Contest

September 19 is the annual Talk Like A Pirate Day. It is a celebration of all things Pirate and Pirate-like by spending the day talking in your best Pirate vernacular. To help fly the skulls and bones (figuratively), the Lost Island DX Society (LIDS), who's logo should be the skull and bones, is sponsoring the first Talk Like A Pirate Radio-Sport Contest, running from 0000Z to 2359Z, September 19.

Pirates be found on all HF bands, and no, we're not talking about that P5 that showed up on 20m. Use phone only, pirate slang is a tough row on cw. Call "Sea-Q ye Scallywags!" or "Ahoy Pirates!" Exchange is Aahhrr-ST and your Pirate name, e.g. Buccaneer Bob, Peg-leg Pete, etc. Romeo, while a right clever pirate name, is not allowed in this contest. If you work any land lubbers, try to clue them in, but if not, just wish the bilge rats "Ahoy" before making the squiffy walk the plank.

Score is the total number of unique pirates worked, work 'em once per band, times the total number of Pirates and landlubbers ye work. Count any beauties ye work double. Triple if they "Aahrrr" you back with a lassie pirate name.

Any Son of a Biscuit Eater found paddin' his log, looking at the cluster, or other sich clever biz'nes will be properly keel hauled and left to Davy Jones' Locker.

Submit all scores and lies in the comments below. Send any pieces of eight to the LIDS, it might help your score. Judging will be by a council of Pirate LIDS and will be as fair an' honest as the Poisson d'Avril contest. Deadline for entry - when we say it is.


  1. Never heard of this contest sounds like a blast and a very good one to do a YouTube snippet on. Showing it to some young blood could give an attractive outlook toward the hobby.
    Just a thought.

  2. Methinks them buddin' Cap'n Kidds would be drawed like dead weight to Davy Jones', I do! But I tell ye, as much as young blood may be fit draught fer sharks, such green bilge rats and thar hurly burly, by my patch n' parrot, is better bottled up like spoiled rum and becalmed on Facebook whar they belong.

  3. ARRRRGGGHHHH all ye Scallywags better be lookin' uit fer the REAL Pirate Radio station -- N8PR Pirate Pete !
    ggg ggg ggg Lemme find some o' Popeye's spinnach ! oy!

  4. And here I am, a day late on Sep 20th. In the true spirit of Poisson 'd Avril, mayhap I shall send in a log anyhow.

  5. Arrgh! It be in the best tradition of pirates and their schemin' ways to work the contest on another day and still send in a log. We expects a bit o' lyin' and cheatin' for PIRATE contest.

    BTW, why did so many o' the pirate stations use Slim for a moniker?

  6. Arrr! Be them blighted sea-cows havin the contest in 2011? I'll enter, scuttle me for a Dutch garbage scow, else!

  7. Wid Poison d'Avril contest now past, ya gots plenty of time to polish ya scabbard in preparation for the 2011 Pirates Day Contest. O'course we'll set sail and terrorize the airways again in 2011!