Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gearing Up For Contest Season

While we’re still wringing out the water left by Irene and patching the cracks in the drywall from the earthquake, a hint of autumn floats through the air in recent mornings. For ordinary folk that means football season. They’re gathering their tailgate accouterments and digging out their favorite team jersey in preparation for the Big Game.

As a Big Gun Contester or DXer, fall means the start of the contest and DX season. Time is running short for completing those antenna and shack improvements. Have you got your required multi-radio lockout rigged yet?

There is still time to order the Big Gun equivalent of a team jersey. Proudly proclaim your proclivity for the Lost Island DX Society. At some level, we’re all LIDS, so order your LIDS wear today from the official LIDS store on Cafepress. You can also get Dr. DX’s Antenna Wax wear for the antenna farmer looking to coax that last 0.01 dB out of his antenna system. And there’s even items for those who’ll work phone when they pry the J-38 from their cold, dead hand. 394600898v7_480x480_Front_Color-White

1 comment:

  1. I can personally vouch for the efficacy of the Double Zepp Antenna Wax T-shirt. Not only did it coax the last bit of gain from my array, it made me a better hammin' being, from my lowest Chakra to my highest Astral Plane. No longer was it necessary to radiate or meditate, much less maintain a little faux woodgrain hidey-hole decorated with radio equipment and every model kit I built since the late 50s. In this shirt, I am instantly in touch with every ham in the world, blissed-out in a constant state of Meta-DXCC. I recommend that everyone buy a spare for laundry day.