Sunday, October 2, 2011

What really happens on 14.300?

If you've spent much time on 20m SSB, surely you've run into the Maritime Mobile Net. and probably wondered what they really do other than making sure their frequency is kept clear "just in case." Finally, there's video evidence of the important service they provide to the world at large, keeping sailors the world over safe.


  1. They *are* silly people.

    I figured this film was totally bogus until I saw the KV4AA QSL on the wall. I guess Spenceley really did work *everybody*.

    You posted this on my birthday. What does that mean?


  2. Happy Birthday from all the LIDS. May you generate QRM for many more years.

  3. Your RED friend here- loved the video- better than "bread pudding"- see I do read your blog every now and then!! :)