Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frequency Police Net Canceled

Last weekend was  scheduled for the inaugural running of the Frequency Police Net, sponsored by the Lost Island DX Society (LIDS). Net control attempted to call the net at the proscribed time and frequency, but was unable to take check-ins due to the incessant calling on frequency of other stations attempting to clear the frequency for the net. In addition, there were several stations attempting to relay for net control, stations he couldn't hear through the QRM. Inexplicably, a handful of stations were insisting that the net control was operating split and kept directing check-ins that net control was listening 'up five'. After twenty or so minutes, the net control station gave up, turned the rig off and proceeded to finish off the left over 807's from the weekend cookout.

Time and frequency for future sessions of the Frequency Police Net will be announced here on the Fi-Ni Report. In the mean time, it is not necessary for volunteers to maintain vigil over the net frequency to insure it will be available when the time comes.

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