Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LIDS Hospitality Suite at Dayton

The Lost Island DX Society will host a hospitality suite at Dayton this year, a sign of the growing popularity of LIDS among Big Guns and Little Pistols, alike. Aside from the drunken revelry and blatant lies of DX and contest glory, the LIDS hospitality suite will feature unique contests especially for LIDS.

The first will be the Amp Tuning contest. Participants will compete in on-the-air amp tuning on top of a DX station. Points will be given based on the amount of time of continuous tuning, with style points given for modulation of the tuning signal to defeat automatic notch filters. Blowing the amplifier tubes results in automatic disqualification.

The second contest will be the phone Helllloooo contest. Participants will give their best "Hellloooo....Helllloooo" to simulate SSB amplifier tuning. Bonus points given for foreign accents.

At press time, the exact location of the LIDS Hospitality Suite is uncertain. While cruising the halls at the Crowne Plazza, if you see a likely group hanging around, just ask if this is where the LIDS hang out and you'll be sure to find our suite.

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