Friday, July 10, 2009

Ham to the Bone

In almost every society, one of the signs of a true bada$$ is the tattoo. To permanently ink your body is a sign of true dedication. Or insanity. From the Maori warriors in New Zealand, to the Yakuza gangsters of Japan, to the Hell's Angels in the United States. All proudly identify their 'tribal' affiliation by tattooing their bodies.

Amateurs radio operators are not known for being such bada$$es. Maybe in another life they inked up while in the Navy, but ham radio tattoos? Sounds like a joke. But it's not. There are some ham radio bada$$es out there. Glenn, AE0Q, is just such a guy. This guy deserves the title of Big Gun just for the tats on his guns. Check those babies out!

AE0Q can't be the only inked bada$$ out there in radioland. We're announcing a contest here at the Fi-Ni Report. Send us a photo of your radio related tats to We'll pick the baddest tattoo out of the bunch and send them a Lost Island DX Society tee-shirt. No Big Gun should be without one. Our odds are on the Arizona Outlaw Contest Club. Seems of bunch of them hombres ride to their meetings on Harleys.

1 comment:

  1. Tats = intelligence test, with correlation coefficient = - 1.0

    Bob K0NR