Sunday, July 19, 2009

LIDS Announce DXpedition

LIDS is proud to announce a unique dual DXpedition as part of their observance of International Frequency Police Month. The Lost Island DX Society is sponsoring not one, but two simultaneous DX operations from rare entities. During August, LIDS will be active from Kazakhstan (UN) and Sri Lanka (4S) in a unique and rare double operation.

To commemorate International Frequency Police Month and this unique double DXpedition, LIDS have obtained special callsigns for both operations. The Kazakhstan DXpedition will be using the call UP5LID and the Sri Lankian DXpedition will be using 4Q2LID.

In order to maximize opportunities for all to work both operations, a unique procedure will be used on the air. Instead of each operation occupying a separate frequency and running separate pileups, both will use the same transmit frequency and operate with the same split. This way DX operators can work both stations simultaneously.

The DXpedition will be operate primarily CW and can be easily identified by their unique ID pattern of "UP5LID" followed quickly by "4Q2LID". They will sign these calls repeatedly, so they should be easy to identify.

"UP5LID ...... 4Q2LID..."

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