Thursday, September 10, 2009

Op-Ed: Government Funded Heath Care

Have you seen the TV news lately? With the bands in such bad shape and the late summer thunderstorm season in full swing, I've spent more time than usual with the Idiot Box on to give me something to listen to other than bandnoise. I swear, some of that stuff on TV almost makes the shenanigans on 75m phone sound like intelligent conversation.

I keep hearing the Idiot Box talking about National Heath Care and the government taking it over. Now, I'm not a big boat anchor fan , but Heathkits were still a staple of many shacks when I were a snot nosed Novice. I admit there was a day when I would have welcomed an SB-line in my shack. I still stop and have a gander when I pass an SB-220 at a hamfest. They are still fine amps after all these years. I even owned a Benton Harbor lunchbox at one point in my ham career, but never did work anybody on it.

Why the government would want to worry about maintenance and repair of Griefkits is beyond me. They were decent rigs in their day, and anyone who enjoys nostalgia has every right to preserve and enjoy their green boxes all they want. But why should the government spend our tax dollars to help keep these boat anchors running?

What makes Heathkits more deserving than Hallicrafters or Collins or National rigs? They were all American manufacturers of fine radio equipment, in their day. Shouldn't they, and their fans, deserve the same support?

No sir, the LIDS do not support government funded Heath care. If you want to keep your Heathkits running, that's all well and good, but do it on your own dime!

73, Cousin QRM


  1. I want to know what that Pubic Option is all about....that could be really good or really bad depending on what you get.

  2. Well Guv'nor, without racing all around Robin Hood's barn trying to suss-out that Public Option, look at this way. You have your HMOs and your HROs. So when your HRO gets sick, FEDEX the bloody boatanchor to Britain, for immediate political asylum and complete coverage under National Health, Bob's your uncle.

  3. All this Heath care is just the first step for the Commie Symp neo Socialist Gubmint. Soon enough, the Gub'mint probably WILL begin pushing to extend the reach of their taxpayer sponsored largess to Collins, Swan, and Hammarlund too.

    Just you wait and see! They probably will even want to take care of the Clegg and Gonsets too. Not to mention all those border crossing Yaesu, ICOM, and Kenwood's. I don't see why our tax dollars should be spent keeping the smoke from escaping those rigs too.

    On the other hand, I just don't understand why folks are so upset that the Gub'mint Heath Care plan might be a Trojan Whores. That seems like a plan I could go for, even if we have to compromise and settle for just German or French Whores.