Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CQWW Team Competition

The Lost Island DX Society is putting together a pair of teams for the Team Competition of CQWW.

In light of the recent rule changes, we will assemble two teams - team one will the Yellow Cards, team two will be the Red Cards.

Sign up today for your choice of team! Just leave a comment below.


  1. I have many want to be Red Cards Team. Red Cards is very very good for Leche. Leche to make many QSO with the DX for make good score.

    Leche Dinero

  2. I would like to join Team Yellow Cards One, please, consider my application? Perhaps, other low-power, low-profile RadioSport operators will consider Team One and join the fun.

    Cheers to The Lost Island DX Society.

    On the other hand, Leche Dinero makes a good argument for Team Red Cards Two.

    Scot, KA3DRR

  3. Dios mio, Leche! Would you abandon Team Xtreme to join the Red Cards? This betrayal will not be forgotten.

  4. I thought it was red states and blue states. Now you start talking about yellow?! I am soooo confused.

    Which team pays the most?

  5. Rush Limbaugh owns the Red Team, pass it on!

  6. Oh, yeth, and I want to be on the Pink Card team, sweetie.