Monday, November 30, 2009

Disclaimers and Disavowals

Recently W4KAZ felt compelled to issue a disclaimer on his blog disavowing any and all connection to the Fi-Ni Report. Apparently the rumor, accusations and innuendo attributing the Fi-Ni Report to him became too much to bear. We understand. One man can only withstand so much slander.

The Lost Island DX Society and the Fi-Ni Report are happy to affirm the innocence of W4KAZ and clear him of all blame. W4KAZ is acquainted with lots of LIDS, but aren't we all?

While we are at it, we'll take the opportunity to clear up some other rumors regarding the LIDS and the Fi-Ni Report:

1. The Lost Island DX Society is not a powerful, super secret society of Big Guns who REALLY run things in the DX and contesting world much like the Masons and the Knights Templar run the rest of the world. While membership in the LIDS is strictly controlled (you just have to ask to join, that's all) that hardly makes it exclusive. Most members of LIDS keep quiet about it out of shame and good sense, KA3DRR excepted. We are reminded of Groucho Marx's comment that he'd never join a club that would have him as a member. Most hams feel the same way about the LIDS.

That being said, the LIDS' occasional foray into the nation's capital to lobby the powers that be or their periodic DX conventions in Las Vegas might be seen as gatherings of power and influence. We'll do nothing to dissuade that impression as it helps us write off our liquor tab and gambling losses as legitimate business expenses.

If curiosity about the membership of the Lost Island DX Society ever gets the best of you, next time you hear a Big Gun station on the air, just ask him/her "Are you one of them LIDS?" Their answer should remove any doubts.

2. The LIDS and the Fi-Ni Report disavow any connection, influence, or cooperation with the following:
a. The sunspot cycle (we leave that to the Palos Verdes Sundancers)
b. QST, CQ magazine and Wayne Green
c. The M/S rule change for CQ WPX
d. The Kennedy assassination
e. The approval of 7O1YGF for DXCC credit
As stated in our profile, the Fi-Ni Report aspires to the journalistic standards set by The Weekly World News. For those unfamiliar with this paragon of supermarket tabloid journalism, it is printed on the finest birdcage liner and fish wrapping paper available. It has been an invaluable resource for housetraining puppies since its inception. We have limited the Fi-Ni Report to electronic form in an effort to prevent the useless slaughter of trees to give physical form to the useless slaughter of "news" that we create.


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  2. Yes, but we do know that LIDS was the driving force behind the removal of the Morse Code requirement by the FCC. Then you blamed it on the ARRL.

    73, Bob K0NR

  3. I heard MFJ was also involved in removing the Morse Code requirement so they could sell more antenna tuners. I saw someone in a ham radio forum say it, and I haven't found anything untrue on the Internet, except for that male enhancement medicine I bought which just gave me a rash. I liked it better before with the Morse Code requirement because everyone had to operate CW and there was no phone or that nonsense that goes with it like 10-4 and "good buddy" stuff. We didn't like CW, but at least it took some effort and skill to be a LID. Now anyone can get on phone and be a LID almost instantly. It's a shame.