Monday, October 11, 2010

Papa Juliet Bingo

Hey! Boys and gals! Are you having fun with the latest DX game to hit the airways? It's called Papa Juliet Bingo.

Lacking any real sunspots, DXing was getting rather tame. But thanks to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and our buddies in the Netherland Antilles, they've managed to manufacture not one, not two, but FIVE new countries right out to box on the magical date of 10-10-10. As of 0000Z on October 10, 2010 NO ONE had credit for these five spanking new entities. So the rush is on to bag all five new ones.

If you're playing at home with the rest of the worldwide DX community, fire up the beam and turn the kilowatt to the Caribbean and look for those PJ stations. To keep track, use the chart at the top of the page. When you fill in a row, shout out BINGO!

What does the winner get? Well, at least two months worth of waiting before the DXCC desk will even accept confirmations for these five new entities, which means, everybody drops down -5 on the DXCC count until next year's DXCC Yearbook is published. But in the meantime, turn on the rigs, turn off your brains and join the madness before these five entities become as common as, well, the old entities they are replacing.

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