Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top Ten Reasons My Rig Is Better Than A Woman

10. My rig doesn't care if I admire another rig

9. My rig only takes seconds to warm up
8. My rig doesn't complain if I keep turning its knobs
7. My rig doesn't complain if I stop turning its knobs
6. My rig doesn't complain I'm not turning its knobs the right way
5. My rig doesn't care if I bring home another rig
4. I can operate two rigs at once, and nobody cares
3. When I get tired of my rig or it gets old, I can take it to a hamfest and trade it for another rig
2. My rig has filters so I only have to listen to the stuff I want to hear
and the #1 reason my rig is better than a woman....
My rig has a volume control and an off switch


  1. I was going to post a comment but my wife said "not if you know what's good for you."

    Bob K0NR

  2. This is all very confusing. I thought a rig WAS a woman.

  3. #11 - My rig can not wield a frying pan

  4. This is worthy of printing and framing and hanging in the shack.

  5. Ten reasons why sheep are better than women...

    Sheep never ask if you're ready to settle down
    Sheep won't use you razor to shave its legs
    Sheep never have a headache
    Sheep will never ask if you'll still respect her in the morning
    Sheep don’t want diamonds and pearls
    It won’t cost you anything to take a sheep out for a meal
    Sheep don’t taunt you if you can’t get it up
    Sheep aren’t bothered if you look at another sheep
    Sheep don’t go for retail therapy with your credit card
    A sheep won’t tell you the ceiling need painting in the middle of sex

  6. Ewe must be kidding.