Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Sure enough, right on schedule, the topic of Checks in Sweepstakes has reared its head on the always fascinating CQ-Contest email reflector. In a much-ado-'bout-nuting, the argument over the letter of the rules versus the attitude of the ARRL Contest Branch regarding SS Checks will rage for another couple of weeks. It should end right before CQWW CW begins.

As we head into the biggest CW contests of the year (CW SS, CQWW CW, ARRL 160m, Stew Perry), it will soon be time for discussing all those terrible key clicks polluting the bands. Start sharpening your claws, or just pull last years complaints from the archive and post them again.


  1. This really is a problem. I've been waiting on my sweepstakes checks for years, and have not got one yet. I could really use the extra money too!

    I sure wish I'd get a sweepstakes check soon.

    Its almost as bad as the QSO Parties. I never get the invitation for those, and no one ever says where the party is going to be.

    Got to go, my radio is running out of ham.

    73 de IM1LID

  2. that reflector got way too old in like 3 minutes...

  3. People, we have to do better than this. Since this is a technical hobby, we ought to be able to quickly post a link to last year's email archives. That would be efficient and green (recyling).

  4. Like, there should be a Universal Channel Nine or Eleven (UCN/E) that everybody monitors so when somebody says something everybody hears it at the same time and can respond with an infinite number of chimp noises. Didn't reflectors go out with Newtonian physics?

  5. How about this system? We assign a number to each Perpetually Re-occurring Topic (PRT) on CQ-Contest and a corresponding number to a summary of each Perpetually Re-occurring Argument (PRA), at least one pro and one con. Then, the instigators need only post the appropriate PRT number and likewise the impassioned respond with the appropriate PRA. So, the annual Sweepstakes Check argument would go like this:

    IM1HAM: PRT 46

    IR1TOO: PRA 74

    IS1LID: PRA 82

    Done. Now can we all go back to trying to find a run frequency?

  6. Well, sure but first we would have to agree on a numbering scheme...that could take years.

  7. I sense a new 'topic for discussion' on CQ-Contest!

  8. I think the Assange of Hamradio (K1TTT) can keep track of the PRT's and post them to the public.