Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World Ending This Weekend, Dayton Hamvention To Be Held As Scheduled

Despite warnings from California preacher Harold Camping that the world will end Saturday, May 21, 2011 beginning at 6 PM, the Dayton Hamvention will be held as usual. Hamvention chair Michael Kalter, W8CI, said “In the past we’ve dealt with thunderstorms and even tornadoes, and the Hamvention has continued on. We’re not going to let a little thing like the world ending preempt the premier amateur radio gathering in the world.”

As radio amateurs the world over began to converge on Dayton, OH for the Hamvention, organizers of the QRP-centric Four Days in May conference and the Contest University, two events held prior to the official start of the Hamvention, reported no concerns about the end of the world. “Contest University is over on Thursday, so an apocalypse on Saturday won’t bother our plans at all,” said Tim Duffy, K3LR, head of Contest University. “However, if the start time of the apocalypse is correct, it will kind of screw things up for the Contest Dinner on Saturday night,” according to Duffy.

Several regular attendees of the Hamvention, when questioned about the impact of the impending end of the world on the Hamvention reported that having experienced the Hara Arena bathrooms on Saturday afternoon, they have already experienced hell and are well prepared.

Hamvention officials reported that in the event of the world ending as predicted, Sunday's events for the Hamvention will continue as planned but attendees are advised to dress appropriately in the event of hail and brimstone.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Secrets of the CW DX Pileup

Meaningless statistics up 26%!

How do you tackle that nasty DX pileup on cw? Check below and see where you fit in.


All data accurate +/- 400% - about as accurate as CBO predictions of the federal budget and GDP.