Sunday, June 26, 2011

Survey of Field Day Activites

The meisters of mediocrity heavily promote the annual Field Day Not-A-Contest-Even-Though-We-Keep-Score-And-Report-Them Event as a giant on-air kumbaya gathering of clubs and friends who take to the wilds of the local park and rough-it for 24 hours while trying to demonstrate that, given 12 months notice and plenty of time to plan and recruit volunteers, we amateurs can respond in a snap to provide communications in an emergency. If it falls on a weekend with nice weather.

Many group Field Day outings also provide ample opportunity for members of the group to channel their inner Bobby Flay and demonstrate what may be lacking in RF readiness is more than made up for in gastronomical extravagance.

Field Day has a place and function for amateurs of every streak and interests. In order to demonstrate the variety of Field Day activities, the Lost Island DX Society commissioned a survey of Field Day activities among a plethora of active amateur operators. (FYI, plethora has nothing do to with that fake zebra-leather looking stuff that covered the headboard of Cousin QRM's bed in his bachelor days - just to save you the trouble of looking it up like we did.) The question asked was "What did you do for Field Day this year?" Results below are about as accurate as the surveys printed in a popular radio magazine.