Monday, January 3, 2011


A belated Happy New Year to all the Lost Island DX Society members around the world! While we’re all still nursing our hangovers and SKN glass arms, the staff of the Fi-Ni Report have decided to announce our New Year’s resolutions.

1. For 2011, we resolve to not spend so much time fact checking the Fi-Ni Report. This is all to insure we get out the latest, most up-to-date news and information on Big Gun DXing and Contesting out to you, the Big Gun DXer and Contester. We’ll leave accuracy to Titillation and fear mongering are our goals.

2. We resolve to use software defined anything to help us win a contest. I’m currently looking into a software defined toilet to eliminate those bothersome bio-breaks required every 4 or 5 hours, especially after 807s. Shhhh. The CQWW committee might outlaw it before I get to use it.

3. We resolve to win the Poisson d’Aviril Contest, regardless of how much cheating is required. Likewise, we intend to take top spot in the 2011 Talk Like A Pirate Contest, which K1DG will NEVER win.

4. We resolve to operate at least one contest this year completely unassisted. We already have a piece of galena for the receiver and have scrounged a spark gap coil for a Model-T off of Craigslist for the transmitter, and got a box of Ticonderoga #2’s and a Big Chief writing pad in our stocking for Christmas. We should be ready by WPX.

What are your resolutions for the New Year, fellow LIDS?