Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Field Day on Lost Island

The Lost Island DX Society hosted Macho Cuesew and Lech Dinero  for Field Day. For those looking for the location of Lost Island, there might be some clues in the video.


  1. Is big dummy Macho. Leche name is no "Lech", is "Leche".

    And Leche want top billing for time in next video of LIDS. Is "Leche Dinero and Macho Cuesew".

    Is not food for Leche at LIDS Feel Day, but Leche glad for Macho give half of sandwich to Leche. Leche bring food for time in next Feel Day. Leche make more better QSO when Leche fat belly full.

    73 de Leche

  2. We've come along way from siestas, sombreros, serapes and Senor Granpa's Pepino sleeping the barn.

  3. I would hide my face, too. You should offer that headgear for sale in your Shameless Commerce section.